Landscaping is a collaborative art. Not just between designers and builders, but also between designers and the folks whose land is about to change — beautifully, invitingly, distinctively. Everything is open to discussion.


Our customer-collaborators are the initial source of inspiration for what will eventually become a final design; they “see” in their heads to one degree or another how their properties might be transformed: they often know the plants and colors they want to look out onto from important windows; and frequently how they want to feel when they’re outside and within the frame of the landscape.

Our job is to bring that vision to life: to suggest patterns of plants and structural elements we know will achieve maximum effect in achieving it. We examine together colors, shapes and textures of plants in various arrangements — some that flow into one another, others that stand apart for greater visual impact. We show photos of how trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers appear at various times of the year, how they can provide compelling visual interest and sustenance for wildlife and for humans — even in winter. Together we study evocative photographs of many styles of landscapes, styles and features they may never have considered — such as meadow gardens rich in color from spring through autumn; stone steps leading to special resting places; a hidden garden tucked into a woodland; terraced slopes, perhaps in the Tuscan or Greek style; a peaceful stone patio shaded by a rustic pergola where grapes droop in abundance; or a lovely bench placed beside a falling water feature to attract birds and humans. The possibilities are endless. And together with our clients we explore as many as it takes until we are all in agreement.


And, finally (although almost nothing in landscape design is ever quite ‘final’), we integrate all their choices into a highly detailed scaled design that shows the location, shape and color of every element in proximity to one another and to the whole.


While some projects can be designed and implemented in a single season, other undertakings  may require several seasons to complete. In such a case, and with input from our customer-partners, we develop a Master Plan that lays out the full vision on paper and establishes a multi-year schedule for building the landscape over time, according to personal priorities and budget.


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