bittmanBOYS Edible Landscapes is a full-service landscape design company. The focus of our business is to design and build with our customers’ participation gardens and landscapes of virtually every scale that contribute to restoring habitat lost to development and neglect. And, in so doing, to bring back the wildlife that once thrived there. We call them edible landscapes because, with a the right mix of trees, shrubs, flowering plants and ground covers, water features, even a small backyard can become a sanctuary for wildlife and a spiritual haven for human beings.

- Woodland trails and gardens

- Meadow gardens

- Wetland gardens and natural water features

- Integrated flower, herb and vegetable gardens

- Stone work (patios, steps, walls, etc.)

- Fruit orchards

- Bramble fruit (blackberries, raspberries, currants, blueberries)

- Container gardens


Sam Bittman is a co-founder of bittmanBOYS Edible Landscapes. In addition to his experience as a designer and builder, Sam is author of several gardening books including THE SALAD LOVER’S GARDEN (Doubleday); and SEEDS: The Ultimate Guide for Growing Flowers, Vegetables and Herbs (Bantam Books). For years he wrote garden wisdom articles and booklets for the Garden Way company and was the lead writer for THE JOY OF GARDENING television series based on a book of the same title for which he was a contributing writer. Sam is also author of other non-fiction and fiction titles and has been gardening and landscaping in the Berkshires for quite some time.


Co-founder Simeon Bittman is a gardener and CIA-trained chef. He is currently creating and testing recipes for a number of organic food products to be marketed under the bittmanBOYS brand.


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